I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 01/06/16

My name is Doodles (formerly known as Daisy). I have been in my CBHR foster home for almost 2 weeks now. My foster Mom says I should let you all know that I am perfect! I am healthy, housebroken, friendly to everyone even Grandmas chihuahuas who would like to eat me. I like kids of all sizes and I have passed the cat test. If fact I liked the cat very much and we became good friends. I am about 9 ½ years old and I am a tiny little girl. Foster Mom says if I was taller I would be a pretty good counter surfer, but I can only get up there and look around. I should warn you if you leave things very close to the edge I might just be able to stretch and reach them. I have not been able to reach anything up there yet, but I know one of these days somebody is going to forget to push that bag of bread back and I am gonna get it 🙂 I love my new bed my family got me and most nights I sleep downstairs in it because it is so comfortable. Sometimes I will go upstairs and sleep in my other bed next to my foster Mom. When I get up in the morning I like to go and check on everyone and say good morning to them. I am quickly learning about the comforts of a couch. It takes a lot of effort for me to get my short little self up there, but I have figured out that with a running start I can get up there. Mom says I am a very clean girl and I don’t drool or smell like Fritos, whatever that means. I take great care to hold my ears up when I walk or eat because I don’t like to drag them in the dirt or dip them in my food or water. You can even leave food our for me because I only eat when I am hungry. This family must have know some stinky, drooly, dogs before they met me because they keep marveling at how clean I am. I like to chase toys and balls, but I do not like to pick them up in my mouth. Mom says it is because they are dirty and gross and I am a lady. I am the only dog in the house so at night they family takes turns running the Basset 500 around the house with me. They hold a treat and run like crazy people in circles around the house I chase after them because it seems to make them happy. There is one thing I really love and that is belly rubs. I am addicted to them. I do the stop, drop and roll so fast when I want one that I am often bumping my head on chair legs or walls. I can never get enough. I cry a little when people leave, but I stop after a minute. I am really happy to see you when you come home. Mom says I make a sound like a loud screaming goat when they come in the house. She says she is going to try to make of video of it because it is very funny and they have never heard anything like it before. Well that is about everything I can think of. If you are looking for perfect little girl to add to your family then look no further Perfect Doodles is right here. Oh I forgot, one more thing. I love to help out in the kitchen. I sit nice and watch everything you are doing. Sometimes I get sleepy when doing this so I make sure to sleep right in front of the refrigerator door so if you need anything out of there there I will not miss it. 10/14/15