Hi There! I appreciate that you are taking the time to take a look at me, and perhaps will consider making a donation to help CBHR take care of me. I am an All-American basset and my proper name is Y. Doodles Basset. The “Y” is for Yankee, but since I live in NC, I have dropped the Yankee part and go by just plain “Doodles.”
I am a bit different from other hounds fostered by CBHR volunteers in that I am a “forever foster” and not really up for adoption. You see, I have some very challenging health problems and my foster family has agreed to see me through them. What do you think about people like that? Specifically, I have malignant melanoma. Like the human kind, it can be very serious and is an aggressive cancer. I always used sunscreen, but I guess this is just bad luck. I am otherwise in pretty good shape, so have seen an oncologist for some treatment options. They recommend a special vaccine that will slow down the cancer so I can have a longer good quality life in the time ahead, BUT it, and the rest of my vet care are, very expensive. Would you be willing to help the CBHR and my foster family continue to take care of me and love me? If so, please donate to help them. I will be FUREVER grateful!!
Hi there

My name is Doodles! I am a nine year old boy with some health issues and was luckily taken in by CHBR. They are trying to clear some of my medical issues up.

Check back on me please!