I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 06/22/16

I’m not a real doc, but I played one in a shelter. I’ll cure what ails ya. I’m Doc, I’m 11, tan and white… in all the right places, 36 pounds, a solid and strong hound – not my words – an ACTUAL evaluation of me. Age is a only a number. My foster peeps says I’m the most energetic basset they’ve ever had and they’ve had lots of bassets. They can’t believe I’m 11 years old.  I’m loving – will jump in your lap the moment you sit down… You know… if that’s cool with you. I love to be petted.  I’m a little shy when it comes time for a photo shoot though. I love to be outside and hang out at the bird feeder to chase the squirrels away. Leash walks – I’m all in. We are working on honing my housetraining skills; hopefully I will have that taken care of soon. I’ve hung out with kids and all that went well too, so there’s really no good reason, as far as I can tell, why we couldn’t be best buds. So if you’re interested in a great little dog with personality to spare, give old Doc a call today. 04/07/16