I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – thanks CBHR! 11/26/13

Wus up? Diesel Bear here. I’m currently in the market for a place to call my own that offers a warm lap, a soft bed and LOTS of tasty treats! In return for these awesome amenities, I am willing to offer my bodyguard skills. I mastered my skills while previously working as an outdoor bodyguard before giving up my position to come stay with my foster family. Amazingly, I retain only one noticeable scar on my ear from that job, which is pretty darn good when you have such long ears like I do! Now I may be a big, strong, healthy dude, but don’t let that fool ya. They don’t call me Diesel Bear for nothing! Have no worries about my bathroom skills because my previous position kept me outside – I know exactly where to do my private business – outside, like I always did! Just make a mental note that because I have grown accustomed to being able to relieve myself when the urge strikes I do need to be able to go out every couple hours. Sorry to be bluntly honest, but beyond two hours and I can make no promises. My foster family is giving me a great place to crash for now until I can find permanent digs. One thing I have been loving about their place is their female bassett because she loves to play with me. Boy, do we have a great time! So, for now I’m pretty happy, until you, my furever home, finds me. And if you have the amenities I’m looking for and could use a bodyguard/snuggle bear, then give them CBHR people a call and let’s get the contract signed! 08/09/13