Daphne…a lovely name for a lovely houndette, no?

Somehow, I ended up as a stray and never was reunited with my family. I’m living the good life with my foster family right now, but boy would I LOVE to find my forever home! I’m a sweet girl of about 7.

My foster Mom says I’m a very calm, sweet old girl who just wants a soft place to lay and loves to snuggle next to you. I get along great with the two bassets in my foster home and I love everyone I meet.

A girl knows what she wants, and I am not shy about nudging your arm to remind you that I need some affection or a tummy rub. My foster mom is working on this house training thing, and I’m working hard to be good about it! I don’t jump on furniture or people. I’m smart too! I also will let myself in and out (if the storm door isn’t latched).

I can handle stairs (especially if they are carpeted) but they are a bit of a struggle for me.

The good folks at CBHR are getting me all checked out, fixed up and ready to go – so don’t forget about me! I’ll be available soon! Please come back and check on me. I’m worth the wait! 10/5/17