Daisy Mae

Female       Age: 2-5
Adoption Pending 30-45 lbs FriendlyGood with dogsLeash trainedLoves to rideWarms slowly to new people

As you know “CBHR” stands for Carolina Basset Hound RESCUE, and in my case the name surely fits.  Several people were involved and formed a tag team transport to get me to a safe and loving place. My former owners were neglectful and used me in their puppy mill. The rescue was literally a life-saving event because I had served my purpose and will leave it to your imagination what they had planned.

Now the beginning of my happy ending story…. I am in a great and loving foster home.  My foster family is working with me and allowing me to regain my personality and potential.  I am learning to love the attention and am especially fond of my fellow basset, Pearl.  It will take a bit of time for me to fully recover but things are looking good so far.  There is every indication I will be the fun loving, free spirited, ears in the wind basset I was born to be.  You have to agree that will make me the “complete package” to go with my great looks!

My tails wags and heart races at the love and attention I am destined for in a great forever home….