Daisy Aspen

I know in time that you will see,
The kindness that you did for me,
Although my tail, its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I’ve been saved

Thank you foster mom for giving me a great life that I would not have had otherwise. All of us at CBHR are very thankful for that – That’s what we do. Rest in Peace Daisy Aspen 10/24/13

Hi, I am a petite, housebroken, adorable 9 year old little basset hound! I sleep in my cozy little crate at night, or on the pillow next to my mom, or in my doggie bed in the bedroom. I enjoy rawhides and baby carrots. Mom takes to me to the “farm” and I can mosey around, I don’t run away but Mom keeps a leash on me anyway just in case! Lots of bunnies at the farm! My early years were a nightmare, tied to a tree sitting in water. Boy, was I glad when I was rescued. Life is good and I sure hope someone will give me a forever home. Meanwhile back at the ranch I am being treated like a princess! 07/27/10

My Angels are Matt & Jennifer Honaker and Jacob Smith