Cooper (bonded with Sadie)

I am soooo glad you have stopped by my little part of the CBHR website. My name is Cooper and I am the quintessential basset hound by my looks and behavior. My foster mom describes me as a party sort of guy. I love long walks and the opportunity for people to make a fuss over how cute I am. They say that my long basset body and laid back attitude make me quite the funny guy. In fact, my foster mom says I look a bit “goofy”, but I know she means that in a good and loving way. An example of my good nature is that I am bonded with Sadie (she will tell you about herself in her section). She likes to be the boss of our relationship and expects me to share my toys and things with her. No problem! I love kids and just about anybody who loves me back. Hint, hint….. I would love to be loved by you in a forever home, and show you all that I have to offer.