Calvin (Cowbell)

I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 03/03/15

Calvin is about 7 years old and quite the looker – check out those gorgeous ears and his unique coloring. What a handsome hound he is. This blue basset with hazel eyes is sure to win you over. He has a heart murmur and an enlarged heart, so he will likely need to stay on medication for this.  He seems to have a little pain in his mid to lower back, possibly arthritis, and is currently on Metacam.  The vet believes that he will need some type of pain medication or supplement long term. With that in mind, it would be best for Calvin to live in a single story home with very few, or no stairs.  He does okay by himself, but he really enjoys the company of other dogs.  He likes being part of a pack – although I wouldn’t recommend hyper dogs. He LOVES walks and trots along better than most bassets we know.  He knows his name and actually comes when called.  He gets super excited when it’s time for food (what hound doesn’t?) and he does laps around the house while he is waiting for it to be served.  He LOVES cheese and his eyes almost bug out of his head while he is waiting for it (that’s what all his pills go in).  He loves to be the “sheriff” and always checks out the yard for stuff.  Foster mom reports the occasional raccoon and possum passerby and how he goes nuts over them.  He has to “greet” any of the dogs in the neighborhood that walk by.  He is very talkative, and knows how to get what he wants, whining when necessary.  We have a ton of bones and he loves to  pick them up from the basket and take them outside- and then just drop them.  I’ll pick them up and bring them in the house and he does it all over again.  It’s pretty funny to watch him get the bones because he has hardly any teeth left. A forever home with a doggie door might be the best fit for Calvin. Still not sold? Check out my video below to see what you’re missing out on. This original hound is definitely deserving of a forever best friend. Let CBHR know you are interested in Calvin today. 02/09/15