What a great name, don’t you think? I was Coco, before Disney made her famous! I am a new girl to the CBHR and came from a group of my fellow bassets from a single home. Just now, I am settling in with my new foster home and doing great.
My foster mom reports that I have a lot of energy. In my previous home I spent a lot of time outside and I getting used to being inside. My house training is going very well and I like walking on a leash. It’s just that I need to learn following a straight line, and not necessarily where my nose or inclinations lead me. At this point I am not much of a “cuddler”, but sure like attention. Who doesn’t? I do well for periods alone during the day and at night in secure places that make me feel safe. I am a little anxious around groups of people at first, but warm up once I get to know them. The other dogs in my foster home are a bit older and more reserved, but I still would like to play with them.
So what kind of home am I looking for? One that let’s me go outside, or be with someone who will take me on walks, would be fantastic! I am good with kids and other dogs so that would be a plus too. I need to gain a little weight, get spayed, and get my overall medical status cleared. In the meantime, why don’t you contact the CBHR about me because, once that is done, I will be looking forward to my dreams coming true just like Miguel did in “Coco.”