I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 03/17/14

Ahh, I knew you would read dis bio… I’m Miss Cleo – part hound dog and part shaman. Perhaps you recall my infomercials of the late 90’s? You don’t? I knew you would say that. Now Miss Cleo don’t be proud dat she squandered all her monies on treats and chew toys. And granted, I should have seen dis day coming, being psychic and all, but ‘tis what it ‘tis. I be as sweet as dey come, 9 years young, and very laid back – as gentle as de day is long and a lover of all! Oh… but wait, I see a shift in me aura on de horizon now that the good folks at CBHR have intervened… Ah yes, I see cozy living rooms… I see sofas… oh and dat is me favorite movie on de TV I see… wait, dere’s a food bowl – and… oh yes, lots and lots of food in de food bowl…oh and I see multiple hands giving belly rubs – ah yes, de future is very bright. Miss Cleo knows all! Wait, is that you? ‘Tis a little fuzzy but I can almost make you out… Call de folks at CBHR, Miss Cleo waive the $3.99 per minute fee dis one time just for you! 07/15/13

My Angel is Susan Horton