Free of pain, Cleo, once ill and old, is now restored to health and vigor as she frolics at the rainbow bridge. It is with a heavy heart that we helped Cleo make that journey today. RIP Cleo. 08/22/16.

Cantankerous Cleo is a mostly sweet, petite tri-colored basset. She came in with sister Lizzy, but has decided that she likes her space and can do just fine on her own. Some arthritis present, and we’re giving her meds to help with that She’s mostly potty trained and loves eating! She was a hunter and¬†knows commands like “sit”, “lie down”, “heel”. She might not have been voted friendliest in the high school year book (if there was competition and a food bowl involved), but she’s got personality, and really, what basset doesn’t? Character goes a long way. Sometimes senior-hood can make one a bit obstinate; it’s all too common in we humans as well. Cleo just wants a comfortable bed, love, and a little understanding. That’s all.