Chloe & Cora

We’re finally home – We’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 01/10/17

Dear Basset Lovers,

What do you get when you cross a basset and a lab? You get Cora! She’ll act like a basset all day long as long as you love her… and her bestie Chloe. You get the short stature and that wonderful personality that only they can possess. These two are a perfectly matched set – Cora and Chloe.  A ready made four legged family. They have a bit of a hard luck story…both were adopted then dumped in a shelter when the owners no longer wanted them. Everybody deserves a little happiness, even if they are a whole lot cuter than a basset. They are very bonded and really need to be adopted together.
Foster mommy Robin says they are wonderful dogs.  They love to play, love to walk, and get along get with other dogs.  Cora (the bassador) gets a little nervous with lots of people coming and going, but Chloe takes everything in stride.  Foster mom also says they are super smart and obedient.  Both house broken and listen to all the commands they are given.  They ride well in the car and love everyone and every dog they’ve met so far.  They haven’t seen cats or little kids yet.  But wouldn’t this be a great set of twins for the perfect loving home! 05/27/15