I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 06/13/14
What’s it like being the most interesting hound in the world? I live vicariously through myself, and I have won the lifetime basset achievement award, twice. Stars wish upon me – I’m Chester. A pleasure for you to meet me, I’m sure. My spots of chestnut hair depict a map of a chain of exotic islands that you’ve never been to, pack your bags my friend. I’m waiting. Debonair looks on an available hound… will wonders never cease? Load up the treat jar and fluff my bed… it’s time for you to be in the presence of greatness. Tell CBHR you want to learn more about Chester. I may have a little more going on medically speaking than I would like, but hopefully nothing that will keep me from a happily ever after. Ask about me today. 04/10/14

My Angel is Melissa Bricker