I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 01/06/16
Charlie is a good boy 🙂 He’s a little “thick”, for sure. But he doesn’t have a dragging belly; he’s pretty flat. He could probably lose a couple pounds, but he’s not bad now. Well go on and see for yourself… just right I’d say, maybe just a little big-boned. He had his first check-up at the vet yesterday; he weighed in at 49 lbs. He loves playing with rawhide bones; super enthusiastic! But then he only plays with them for about 5 minutes or less. And it’s on to bigger and better things… like naps, ya know.  He’s been getting along fine with foster sibling Roxie, although he does like to be a bit of an attention hog. She’s pretty passive for the most part, but she has barked at him when he starts heading to the bed she’s currently laying in. In his foster home, any room with one dog bed actually has about 3 dog beds, so there are plenty of other options for him. No issues at feeding time; he eats a little faster than her, but he’s been pretty easy to keep from walking over to her bowl. This handsome devil might be a tad ear challenged, but he’s ALL basset. The thick tail, and he knows how to lean into it when you’re petting him. Call CBHR and find out more about Charlie today! 10/14/15