I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 07/18/16

Hello…I am Casey, formally known as Princess Casey.  As you can see from my beautiful copper coat, I descend from royal stock.  I came to live in a home in the mountains with a family and learned all the ways of a home such as house training, leash walking and being a well-behaved, loving hound.  I even bore them 3 litters of puppies.

Unfortunately, my mistress passed away during my stay in the home and I came to find out that the master of the home did not like dogs.  I was not taken to the vet for 5 years and never got my shots and care that a dog should have.

So, in the very recent past, I found myself turned out into the street by my master.  Literally, I was running down the street, dodging these big machines that were very scary.  But, miraculously, a kind lady stopped and placed me in her car and found my master.  But, sadly, he did not want me back.

The kind lady then contacted CBHR and sent them my picture.  Then she took me to the vet where I had a bath, pedicure and all the procedures a dog needs to have that has been neglected.  I was very dirty, had fleas all over and worms in my tummy.  But, the best thing of all was that somehow those awful heartworms had not gotten me so I was free of them.

The best thing of all was that the lady who picked me up off the street happened to be the mayor of the town!  Who would have thunk it?  And our town was not just a hole in the road, but a fine ski resort in the heart of the northwestern mountains of NC.  This kind lady was so good to me and kept saying how sweet I was.  (I knew she was right.) She picked me up from the vet and brought me to meet my foster mom and said such nice things about this rescue called CBHR.  I am spending my days now with my foster sister as we enjoy lying in the grass in the yard and napping in our beds and doing just what a princess should…enjoying life to the fullest. Ahhh… and, the food’s not half bad either!

I’m certainly enjoying this chapter of my life. Would you like to take part in the next? 03/23/16