Why, hello there! My name is Camille, and you are lucky enough to have stopped by my page! If you are familiar with Latin, my name means that I am the “true definition of perfection” and a lady of “unblemished character”. That is me in a nutshell, but let me tell you a few particulars….
I’m about 12 years old – so I guess you could call me a “stately senior.” I am little hard of hearing and have a bit of trouble seeing, but I’m just a big love bug and ABSOLUTELY love attention. All I want is a soft place to lay my head (preferably your lap!), some tubby rubs – and of course a yummy treat once in awhile.
I am currently living with my foster parents and my foster dog siblings. My foster parents have helped nurse me back to health, so I am all ready for a grand entrance into my forever home. I have a lot of love to give some lucky family…Could the lucky family be YOU?