I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 01/07/14

Are you getting ready for yet another boring holiday season? Staring across the table at relatives you may or may not even want there? Then it is time to spice things up a little bit this year. Nothing can inject new energy into a stale holiday gathering quite like the addition of a genuine, foot tall, life of the party, basset hound! Your friends exclaim “where did you get this adorable new house member?” And you can tell them… well this one is no longer available, but CBHR has several lovely models to choose from! Are you tired of picking up all the crumbs and dropped food on the floor after your less than tidy guests? Fret no more! Buster is a basset hound, that’s what they’re designed for. And when meal time is over…. Who is that already in the living room with the TV on my favorite show? Why… it’s Buster! Intuition runs a close second to independent thinking in basset hound traits. You will be amazed at what all your new best friend can do! But don’t wait, Buster has a lot of work to do at your house before that first car arrives. Tell CBHR to put your name on the list, you’re ready to bring Buster home for the holidays! 10/29/13