Female       Age: Over 9
Forever Foster Under 30 lbs FriendlyGood with adultsGood with dogsGood with infants/toddlersGood with kidsLeash trained

Hello World! Everyone seems to be worried about my vision, well let me tell you, it’s not 20/20 but I can see pretty good. I am approximately 10ish and loving life inside!!! Mom feeds me good groceries so I can gain the weight back that those nasty worms stole from me. My Mom thinks she is so smart, she throws little treats all over the floor and makes me find them (it ain’t treats, it’s just dog food) and she thinks that I think it’s real treats, but I am too smart for that.

The only time I bark is when she pens me up, but even then, it’s not for long. Just so you know, food is my passion, using my nose is glorious, other dogs are great (especially Morgan), kids are great, cats ????, When my nose is resting, I follow my Mom all over the house. I bet she says ‘excuse me’ a hundred times a day after she almost steps on me. She does have manners! Well, how embarrassing, my bladder is not what it used to be, I’m not incontinent, just have to go more often, our little secret, ok?

I would like to thank CBHR for getting me and Morgan into rescue. Mom doesn’t think I would have lasted much longer. She also says I make her laugh all the time. Okay folks, I will keep you updated on my progress!!!