Male       Age: Over 9
Adoptable 30-45 lbs Calm in crowd/noiseFriendlyGood with adultsGood with catsGood with dogsHouse trained

It might have been sometime since you first saw me here, but I have a few new things to tell you.  I am doing just fine and am still part of the mature basset quartet in my fosters’. I think there is a photo of us together you might find a bit funny.  I am the baritone, but the good news is we don’t sing together. Can you imagine what a 4-basset serenade might sound like?  Yikes….

The really interesting news is both by partner (Babe) and I have adapted so well we are not really co-dependent anymore and can get along just fine independently. Otherwise, I am still my lovable tall and broad-shouldered self. I am energetic and have good mobility.  I like attention and will bark to let you I am looking for some petting. Did I mention I am well-mannered and very friendly? There are cats along with the other dogs in my foster home, and I get along with all of them just fine. I listen well and am willing to go outside to use the bathroom.  As an older fellow, I do need to go out fairly often though. Darned prostate!!

You might remember, Babe and I were rescued when our owner became ill and couldn’t take care of us anymore.  We have some age on us, but we are both happy, healthy, and have a lot of love yet to give.  Now that we don’t really depend on each other we are both ready for new adventures in separate homes… unless, of course, you still would like to adopt us both J.  You could do nothing more heroic than giving either (or both) of us a forever home to enjoy our remaining days, and it’s a decision you won’t regret.