I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 11/16/14

Boscoe is a hound in the prime of his life with a heart of gold and wonderful personality; he can be a tad mischievous (likes to hide his bones in the backyard and has been known to occasionally counter surf.) What basset doesn’t love to have fun? Just as sweet as that chocolatey syrup of the same name, Boscoe is in the market for a new home. He enjoys the finer things in life like a great best friend willing to offer lots of belly rubs, and maybe someone who would like to join him occasionally in the yard as he basks in the sun. He doesn’t like labels, but is considered to be special needs; but don’t run off just yet, he only needs a whiff of that inhaler. It’s as simple as slinging him a piece of that tasty chicken jerky, he contends… and he’ll go ahead and take that since you offered. This great little hound loves attention and asks that you not delay, put Boscoe on your grocery list today! 08/06/14