Blue (Bonded with Gigi)

I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 03/08/17

We’re Blue and Gigi. Double the fun. Ready made family. All that. The only thing better than a basset hound is TWO basset hounds! Couple of gals lookin double digits in the face and sniffin’ around for our new place. You won’t find a sweeter pair. We get along with men, women, children, dogs, unicorns, you name it. Foster home has no complaints and we don’t think you will either. Call CBHR today and ask for Gigi and Blue, you won’t be sorry, if you do.

Now let me tell you about Blue. She may be 10 but she does not let that hold her back. She is a puppy at heart. She loves to play with toys and will toss them in the air herself to play catch. She is house trained and will run in a circle and prance like a pony to go out. She is slowly learning the dog door. She does not jump on people or furniture. She is content sleeping in her dog bed and on the floor. She just had surgery for dental cleaning and had two tumors removed. But let me tell you surgery and stitches have not held her back. The day she had surgery she was in the house chasing her sister around. She is a sweet, goofy girl that loves a good snuggle. She is what they call a long hair basset and has the softest ears. She is house trained, spayed and heartworm free. The only manners we are working on is to be easy when taking treats from us. 09/08/16