I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 03/16/16
This is Blitz reporting from my new digs in Summerville, SC.  I have been quite busy getting used to the routines here with my fellow rescue General Beauregard.  We have been having so much fun walking, riding in our cart behind the bike and letting all the neighbors there is a new hound in town.
I am a 2 year old hound that comes advertised as a full blooded basset but my people think there may be a little Bloodhound in my genes.  I can point and sniff like a true hunter!  I was just clearing  the backyard of a pesky squirrel a few minutes ago.
I am very friendly and love meeting everyone on my travels.  I went to Petco, Home Depot, and Moes just last night and charmed all who saw me.  I love that my Nanny Dena comes by everyday to let me run around and get out of my crate.
I think I have landed in a pretty good spot and have been on my best behavior.  I have only snatched one sandwich off of the counter so far but I have my eyes open all the time.
Check back with me, I have a lot of adventures in store. 03/016/16