Some might think to call me “Bella of the Ball,” simply because I am just that! My foster family likes to call me “Bella the Basset” because they say I fit every characteristic you might associate with us bassets. For starters, I am a lap girl and love to be around people. I can be calm and take my usual naps; or when it’s time to play chase with my foster dad, it is “game on!” My favorite way to greet people is with one lick…. No need to overdo the tongue thing when one lick does quite well.
My foster family says I am beautiful and smart. For instance, they are impressed when they tell me to fetch my chew stick, and I do. They are especially impressed when they tell me to go to my bed, and I go there. What they don’t quite realize is that in my basset view of life, I consider them “telling” me to do something is really a “suggestion,” and I comply to make them feel like they have some control ☺. Finally, they swear I can tell time because I will let them know when it’s time for my morning and evening walks!
A few other things…I don’t need a crate, and am content to stay in my own spaces. I am not much of a howler, but have a nice baritone voice. I fully understand the outside is where I need to do my business, and only ask that my people let me out when I paw at their feet.
So, if you are looking for a smart, attractive, well-mannered basset girl, have your people contact my people at CBHR. We might be able to work something out…