I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 09/08/14

Foster General Beauregard here.

Many know of my assignments with the CBHR Army. I won’t recap. Rather, I share with you another side of The General.

I am a devoted companion who will sit quietly watching activities in the kitchen and lay beside you at the table without whining or begging. When you need your space, I retreat to my bed, my crate or my playpen and I know which is which when commanded. I wait patiently without protest to be released in the morning or when you return from your errands.

I am Level One certified; I will not jump on the furniture if you are firm early in our relationship. If you invite me up, then don’t be surprised if I am confused and protest when you tell me to get down. I do not chew or dig and I do not try to escape when a door is opened.

Being moderate to high energy hound, I adore my leash walks, runs at the dog park and playing fetch. Don’t believe I play fetch? See my video below. I will prance beside you on a 6’ leash without pulling. I am house trained; I will sit by whatever door you show me is the proper door for my business. I am crate trained and playpen trained. Just show me what you want, be consistent and I will follow your lead. I just want to please you.

My favorite things in life are hand lovings, cantelope, orange slices and baby carrots. I will drop beside you on the floor and spoon with you. Other times, I will roll toward you so we can go muzzle to nose. I adore being touched all over. You can even massage my muzzle and my gums and I will just moan in delight. I will lay my head in your lap and moan as you clean my ears, though my right ear had TECA surgery to remove the infected middle ear canal. I can still hear through closed skin and I still have my balance since my inner ear was not infected and saved. I enjoy having my toe nails trimmed. I also had a recent GDV surgery. They stitched my stomach to my abdomen so I’ll never have to worry about a twisted stomach ever again.

Full disclosure. While I love spending time with the lady dogs, I can be a might bit bossy and assertive with male dogs. I am also too assertive with pre-teens. I will bark and howl at them…and actually jump on them if they get too close and you are not minding my leash properly.

Are you a childless couple, or looking for a playmate for their female hound, or a single person with lots of time for a best friend and companion, or a family with teens? I’m your hound! Ask for Foster General Beauregard. 08/26/14