Bailey Boy

CBHR and especially his foster home did all they could to care for Bailey Boy. He was loved right up until the very end. Lots of good memories will remain and will be smiled over in the time to come, and there will be healing. Rest in peace, Baily Boy. 10/07/16

Here’s an update on beautiful Bailey Boy – “Remember pitiful Bailey Boy? He’s added 7 lbs, eye and ear infections are cleared up, his skin infection is about cleared up and his fur is growing back! He has a heart murmur but that hasn’t and won’t stop him from being a loving old hound! He’s got personality coming out those long ears!” 09/01/16

Bailey Boy’s past has been a rough road. But CBHR and his foster family has rescued him and he is getting long overdue care and love. Bailey is a sweet hound. He has very poor eye sight but gets around well. He has been getting along well with the other dogs but understandably needs a little time to adjust. He’s very friendly and likes people but again because of eyesight, he needs to know you’re there. He’s much more comfortable outdoors although he seems to be exploring and getting more comfortable indoors. He loves the doggie door, going in and out and often times just poking his head through to see what’s on the other side. He is going to need a little dental work down the road. He’s a little wobbly on his back legs but this may be a result of his over grown nails, they were some of the worst we’d ever seen, but he’s had his manicure now. He needs weight on him so we are feeding him 4 small meals a day. His skin and eyes seem to be responding to treatment and his coat starting to grow back. We have high hopes for Bailey Boy as we watch him become the noble basset he was meant to be. Don’t you need some Bailey Boy in your life. Ask CBHR today about Bailey. 07/12/16