I am so glad you are taking time to look at my CBHR space and I have a lot to tell you. First, if you are looking for that perfect basset who is a combination of good looks, manners, and charm you are in the right place. I am very new to fostering and chances are I won’t be here long!

Unfortunately, my original family had some circumstances that caused them to ask the nice folks at CBHR to find me a new forever home. Before that I was in a great and loving home and doing just great. As you can see from my pictures, I could easily be a basset poster girl. My foster mom says it is hounds like me that made her fall in love with the breed.

I am not overweight but am big boned and a bit stocky. I guess you could say I am a BBB (big beautiful basset). I am very friendly and confidant with everyone I meet. I am great around other dogs and am sort of like their pesky little sister when it comes to playtime…”Will you play tug the rope or fetch with me huh, will you huh?? “

I am known as quite the dancer and will perform a well-choreographed dance at mealtime. In my quiet time I love to cuddle and be a lap dog. I am
crate trained and occasionally a little forgetful about my potty training. My foster mom attributes the potty issue with the fact I am in a new environment and says it won’t take me long to relearn when I need to go out.

So, all in all, I am just about the best all-around basset you will find. I am really looking forward to showing my new forever family just how good life together can be.