Hi! I’m Auggie the Doggie and I love you!

I spent the first half of my life with my people who got old, one died. I lived outside all the time, 24/7. Now, I’m with my foster mama and three canine foster siblings and life is SO GOOD! I sleep on my own dog bed in the house! I still only pee and poo outside and my foster mama keeps knocking on wood when I do that and says I’m amazing. I LOVE to go on walks with my foster siblings – all 4 of us on our leashes walk together like we are in a parade. It’s so much fun. I adore people, and dogs, and when the other dogs bark I bark back at them because if they are talking loudly we should all talk loudly. Then my foster mama tells us all to stop and we do. My foster mama leaves the house to go work for a few hours each day and we all sleep some more, inside, in our favorite spots. My new favorite napping spot is a big crate next to my foster mama’s desk which she leaves open and I move things around to make it special.

I love to eat and sleep and LOVE LOVE LOVE belly rubs and having my ear scratched. I’m getting better in the car but it’s new for me and I’m not sure why we need the car if we can just go on more walks! There is a basket with lots of toys in the living room but I took all the chewed up nyla-bones and hid them in the backyard so they would one day be soft and wonderful if we all ran out of food. The other dogs don’t seem concerned about this, but you never know.

My perfect home would have YOU, maybe another dog or maybe not, and we would take lots of walks and when you sat down at the end of the day to watch the news or A Chef’s Life you would scratch my ear or rub my belly. If you want, I could bury your slippers for you too!