At the bridge November 2, 2016. Fly free, Arthur.

Adorabe Arthur came to us from the Lincoln county animal shelter about one month ago. This poor boy had a big, open, ugly growth on his leg and the shelter reached out to us, as they knew we would be his only chance. We knew we had to help Arthur even if it meant simply giving him loving, palliative care and helping him to the bridge when the time came. The good news is, Arthur had surgery to remove his large tumor and his quality of life has geatly improved. He had to have a few ugly growths removed, and now has to undergo heartworm treatment. While he is regaining his strength in order to start his heartworm treatment his foster mom reports he is settling in well with bursts of playtime with their two bassets. He loves short walks and sleeping in bed with his humans. Arthur surgeries have cost over $800 and his heartworm treatment will cost about $400 so he needs sponsorship of at least $1000 to see him through. 09/28/16