Rest in peace Annabelle, gone but never forgotten. CBHR and her foster home gave this sweet girl the great life she so deserved. She is now at the bridge, and will always be remembered. 02/22/17

What a lovely name for a lovely lady.  Annabelle is a lovely lady who came to CBHR in 2008.  All was well in her life until her owner died in 2014.  As you all know, once a CBHR dog, always a CBHR dog.  Annabelle came back to CBHR a bit older and with a few more special needs. This sweet girl takes heart medication and has a bit of arthritis so she can’t do stairs very well.  However, that big heart still has so much love to give.  Can you help her get over losing her beloved family by giving her a new home of her own?  Keep reading to hear what Annabelle’s foster mom has to say about her…

So Annabelle, aka Annie, or Annie-belle is such a sweet senior. Her heart is so big and she is just pure LOVE. We are unsure of her exact age. The vet estimates about 12. She has her moments when she acts much younger. Usually when we return home from our workday, or a 10 minute ride to the grocery store. She is always happy to see us. She also gets very excited for her walk to the stop sign everyday. That’s about as far as she will go, unless she sees a cat or another dog that she doesn’t know, then she will give you a run for your money. Cats tend to make her forget that she has lumbar/sacral back issues. She has a little sway to her stride. She looks prissy when she walks. The down side is that she can’t get up steps. She can get her front feet up, but not the back. Ramps are great though!!! Recently Annie has had fluid around her heart, which causes her to cough often. We are still trying to eliminate the fluid…it’s challenging, but she’s a trooper. It isn’t slowing her down and it doesn’t keep her from barking when she wants to come in or go out. She has great voice and she isn’t scared talk to you when she needs something. We are positive that she can tell time, because she knows EXACTLY when it’s time to eat. The girl LOVES to eat!!! Most of her time is spent sleeping. She loves nap time. OH, she loves belly rubs too! She’s just an all around GREAT hound! 12/08/15