Please allow me to introduce myself…. I am Alfred, and am relatively new to CBHR and my foster family. My name might sound a bit aristocratic, but actually I am just a good ‘ol hound who has spent a great deal of life in the great outdoors. I am quickly becoming fond of the creature comforts that my foster family is providing me and look forward to life as a southern gentleman. I am a gentle guy who likes to snuggle with my foster’s cat and socialize with their dogs. I love car rides! I have enough “dog sense” to read their moods and give them their space, particularly the princess of the house.
Having been a loner, I am learning that humans are fun to be around, particularly if there is a food treat involved. By nature I am curious and will wag my tail to let you know I am ready to interact. If I happen to be on the couch, I will certainly entertain some rubs and attention!
If you are looking for an easygoing guy who is eager to adopt a human family for my forever home, I am just your guy. I just need a little TLC and patience as I get my game weight back and the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship with you. So how about it? I’m in. How about you?