Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl

My name is Minnie Pearl Basset, but you can call me Minnie or Minnie P or Minnikins or Minnie Moo…. My foster Mom makes up a lot of silly names for me because I am a very silly girl. Let me tell you a little bit of my story. At the end of April I was stuffed in a night drop box at the animal shelter. It was very scary in there. A really nice lady put a pearl necklace (that is where my name Minnie Pearl comes from) on me and took my picture and put in on the shelter Facebook page.

I was so lucky because CBHR swooped right in to save me. I sure was a mess when they got me. I was very skinny, covered in fleas and ticks and had one of the worse cases of worms they had ever seen. The Vet said I had to gain at least 5 pounds before they could even spay me. My foster family took really good care of me, they fed me lots, worked on my housebreaking and my manners, washed me and even painted my nails hot pink. I very quickly became a princess and I liked it! I learned about belly rubs, squeaky toys and trips to the dog park where I loved to run laps and play fetch. Yes, I am a Basset that plays fetch.

Just when I finally gained enough weight to get spayed I had a puppy that was a very unexpected surprise. A lot of you heard about that on Facebook. I was sad and confused and it set me back just a little bit. CBHR and my foster family never gave up on me and now, the moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here- I am ready to find my forever home!!!!!! I am a beautiful tiny Basset. I only weigh about 33 pounds. I am mostly housebroken. I won’t lie, I do still pee in the house occasionally, but I am very close to 100% there. I would really like to have a house with a fenced yard so I can run and play. I would love to live with another dog or two. My Basset foster sister has taught me how to run the Basset 500 through the house with her every evening. Mom says says we have crazy thundering Basset paws!

I am really sweet and very cuddly. My foster Mom always asks me if I think I can get any closer when I sit with her. I try, but I really don’t think it is possible to get any closer. I love squeaky toys! I hear that some dogs like to tear them apart and take the stuffing out. Not me, I love to run around and squeaky, squeaky, squeaky them. I will fetch them and I will throw them around all by myself too. My foster Dad thinks I must be very smart because in the morning I squeak them very quietly so I don’t drive everyone crazy. The rest of the day is fair game for loud squeaking. My foster family has 4 kids over the age of 10 and I really like them. I like to go for a ride in the car and will stand by the car door and give you a pouty face hoping you will take me for a little ride. I like to get a bath at the do it yourself dog wash. I don’t mind ear cleaning and nail clipping either. My foster family says I am their favorite foster dog ever and they just know I am going to find the perfect forever home. Check out my profile. Who could ever resist all this sweetness?

June 30, 2014