Cat tested, kid approved! Joy is a super sweet beautiful older lady that holds true to her name by wagging her tail often and loving life. She may be 9 years old but she loves walks, roaming the fenced yard and following her foster sister wherever she goes. She is house trained and uses the dog door in her foster home. She is a social pup and has been out and about meeting other dogs, people, and kids all with a happy greeting. She on great occasion shows the slightest interest in cats, but mostly let’s them be and gives a funny look to her foster sister who enjoys barking at the neighborhood cats.

Food does motivate her as much as the next hound but listens to a firm no if she is trying to sneak a treat without permission. She is not much of a chewer or into playing fetch but she loves her back rubbed and will cuddle up as long as you want. She is petite for a basset weighing about 36 lbs making her a perfect lap dog!

Other traits:
Does fairly well on a leash but definitely leads with her nose
She will go into the crate I have set up but I haven’t kept her in it because she really doesn’t get into anything unless I leave food out within her reach.
Does pretty well on stairs but does seem a little awkward at times.
She does well with baths. She has had 3 so far with coming in pretty dirty and now for yeast infection treatment. She also likes brushing and tolerates nail trimming.
Enjoys car rides but needs help getting into it.
Moderate activity, I think she has gained some strength since she has been with me.

JoyHonestly if my dog was more fond of her I’d consider being a foster fail but my dog says she still prefers being the only dog of the house!

June 13, 2016