Good morning everyone. My name is Jilly and they picked me to be the Foster Dog of the Week this week. My foster family said that is quite an honor and will get me one step closer to finding my forever family. I am going through my heart worm treatment right now and I will be ready to find my forever family toward the end of the summer.

I am a work in progress right now (aren’t we all) so that will give me a little more time to figure all this new stuff out. Everyone says I am doing great and I am a quick learner. I will tell you a little secret; before I came to my foster family I had never lived inside a house before. Can you believe it? I lived outside all the time. When I first got here I wanted to be outside all the time and they had to bring me inside when it was time to come in.. Then I learned about the really cool thing called a doggie door. I can go outside in the yard whenever I want and then I can come back in the house when I feel like it. It is pretty hot out there these days so I am liking the come in the house when I want to thing a whole lot.

I have my own room in the house and it is called a kennel. I spent a lot of time in a kennel before, but it was not as fancy as this one. This one has a really soft bed in it and I really like to sleep in it and sometimes just sit in there and watch everyone. I learn a lot from watching the other dogs that live here too. They are very good at this living in the house stuff and they set a very good example for me. I am a pretty independent girl, but I actually really like to have people and dogs around me. I am learning quickly to trust the people and the other night I took a really big step. We had a very scary thunderstorm here and I was pretty frightened. I decided to jump on the bed with the other dogs and everyone was so excited about that. You see I had never done that before. I don’t think it is the last time I will do it either, because it was pretty cozy up there. I have had to be very calm and quiet during my treatments, but I am looking forward to being able to run around again.

I have a super hound nose and I love to track the creatures that are in the yard and then tell everyone about it. I also have been known to track the garbage can in the house, but I am working on that one. These people around here feed me pretty good so that garbage is not really that appealing anymore. Admitting that is the first step to breaking the habit 🙂 I think I am going to go hang out with my friends up on the bed and maybe have a little nap. If you are interested in adding me to your family in a couple of months then check me out and fill out an application so you are ready when I am. Please share this post with your friends so I can find my forever home.

June 22, 2015