Hello from the Rainbow Bridge

Hello from the Rainbow Bridge
Hello, It’s me – Granny Lola! WOW, yesterday morning, I woke up at home with Foster Momma and Dad on my soft bed wagging my tail, woofing for breakfast  and yesterday afternoon, I’m at the Bridge looking down at my family. It makes me sad that they have tears but it was time for me to go. I had been sick but we all thought I was getting better. I guess my 16 year old body just decided it was time to find my soft cloud at the Rainbow Bridge.

Foster Momma and Dad rushed me to the vet but I was so tired – tired of arthritis, tired of tummy problems, tired of old age, tired of ruling the young whippersnappers – Bert , Hazel, and Mrs. Beasley, to be honest, I was just tired. I heard Foster Momma, Dad and the vet talking about me saying there was nothing else they could do…well, I showed them – I decided to go to the Bridge my own way, on my time….so, while I was laying at the vets office, with Foster Momma crying, I just started my journey on my own…as always, no help needed. I am Granny Lola…I do things my way, on Lola time!!!

Thank you CBHR for taking me back when my family couldn’t care for me any longer, thank you for giving me the best year of my life….Thank you Momma and Dad – I will love you forever! Good bye for now – I’m waiting for you at the Bridge.

Granny Lola – Now residing at 22 Fluffy Cloud Lane, The Bridge

And thank you to all who donated to Debbie’s Dawgs for Lola’s care and medical expenses. There couldn’t be a more fitting memorial to Debbie Winchester than seeing that Granny Lola spent the last year of her life loved and cared for.