My name is Fritz and I am proud to be your Foster Dog of the Week this week. I was recently returned to CBHR because I was having some separation anxiety issues. The people here are so great, their motto is “Once a CBHR dog , always a CBHR dog.” They welcomed me back with open arms and I get a total do over. Now that everyone knows me better and what I need from a forever family I just know I will find my forever home soon.

My new foster family has had me for almost two months now and guess what? The separation anxiety I spoke of, it’s gone! I don’t even take the medicine anymore. You know what the solution was? Other dogs! I have two foster doggie siblings so I am not worried about being home alone. So the first thing I am looking for is a family that has other dogs so I can have company while you are away. That sure was an easy fix! My new family also gave me a new name for my fresh start. I was called Meatloaf before, but they just didn’t think I looked like a Meatloaf so they decided to call me Fritz. I just love this new name so much that every time they say it I smile and wag my tail. I have that typical basset personality that makes us so popular: you know, stubborn and opinionated, but sweet and comical at the same time. I love to play with my foster siblings and we love to talk to each other. Our foster mom thinks it is really funny when we get to talking, she says we sure do have a lot to say!

The kids in my house are grown, but I do love to sit and watch the kids in the neighborhood play when I am outside. It makes me so happy to see them that I just can’t stop wagging my tail. I think the second thing I might like is a house with big kids , or very gentle kids. I have a sore shoulder that bothers me sometimes so they need to know not to be to rough with me.

What I am really looking for in my forever home is a family that wants to spend time with me. A couple who work a regular eight hour day (with other pets) should be fine. A retired couple wanting another “son” would be great. Basically I need a family that is willing to make me a four legged member of the family and not just a pet. Isn’t that pretty much what all pets are looking for in a family? Check out my profile at and maybe you can be my perfect match!

January 27, 2014