Fozzie – The Shagnificent

Fozzie – The Shagnificent

I’s Fozzie The Shagnificent and I’s has somethings to say.

I’s was a stray; underweight and covered in fleas and ticks. A nice man in a pick-ups truck took mes home and careds for mes while hes tried to finds my fours-legged owner. I founds my ways to a CBHR vet where I was careds fors untils I’s was fostereds by Jill Fuller and Jeff Miller. I hads so much funs with them and my olders sister, Melody The Wonder Basset. I’s was adopted intos a home, but I’s missed Melody so much I’s didn’t feels likeĀ eatings and was so depressed I’s couldn’ts even lifts my shagadelic tail. I’s was returned to Melody and alls was rights in the world. I’s was immediately adopteds and haven’t left Melody’s side since. My favorites things in doggy world is to sleeps ons my back while cuddleds up next to Melody on mommy’s bed.

FozzieYou mights recognize my shagnificence. As a CBHR alum, I’s haves served as Specials Assistant to Applications Coordinator, Fosters and Adoptions. I’s also the poster hound for the CBHR Kissing Booth at funds raisings events. I’s gives backs to CBHR by giving kisses to those who comes to revel in my shagnificence and learns mores about CBHR. The more peoples we cans brings overs for us to talks about how homeless hounds are helped by CBHR, the betters. Well…, okays. I always hopes for a bellys rub, too. I’ll owns it.

So manys heartworm free thanks to CBHR for givings mes an opportunitys withs mys happy furevers home.

Fozzie The Shagnificent
Intake: December 14, 2012
Adopted: January 19, 2013
Returned: January 24, 2013
Adopted: January 25, 2013