Meet Fiona another one of our sweet seniors that is up for adoption. Her foster family has fostered many senior bassets for CBHR and here is what they have to say about this special girl.

Senior bassets don’t come much sweeter than Fiona. She is a classic beauty – long heavy ears, big front feet, and a long, low body. She has been in foster care for just over 2 months now, and is really coming into her personality. She is still very shy around people she doesn’t know, but now she is very comfortable with us. It takes her a bit longer to warm up to men, but she does come around – she and my husband have become great friends. Fiona loves to be outside! She can’t wait until her heartworm treatment is over so she can fully explore the backyard. She gets super excited when we put her collar and leash on her, so we imagine walkies are on her to-do list also. Fiona is not the most food-driven basset, but she has started to appreciate special treats like pizza crust and crackers. She is not a super snuggler, but loves to have belly rubs and your undivided attention.

Many people would assume that, because Fiona is a senior, she will do little more than eat and sleep. However, that is far from the truth. She has lots of life left in her – she gets frisky and wants to bounce around just like any younger dog. She likes to follow us around the house to investigate what we are doing. She is also very alert, and lets us know whenever something is going on outside of the house. Seniors like Fiona don’t lose these great qualities – they just combine them with great qualities that come from being a “seasoned” basset. Fiona’s friskiness won’t keep you up at night or trip you up during the day. She is happy to sit or lie calmly once she’s followed you around. She will alert you to things going on outside, but it won’t take you hours to get her to calm down after. In short, she is the best of both worlds.

My husband and I have owned and fostered many senior bassets over the years. Sometimes they come with special needs, and sometimes they don’t. However, they are always so grateful to have a roof over their heads and a warm bed to sleep in. There’s just something about a sweet senior dog that makes like complete, and whatever that something is, Fiona has it in abundance. Check out her profile.

November 24, 2014