Finding Joy

Finding Joy

For us the start of wanting to fostering a dog was Halloween 2012. We were trick or treating with our 4 kids and we went to a house that had 2 basset hounds. One was dressed as Sherlock Holmes and I can’t even remember what the other one was dressed as but I am sure it was cute. They told us they got them from Carolina Basset Hound Rescue and we were hooked. We looked at their web site several times a week and talked about how fun it would be to help one.

The dog we take care of quite a bit is 14 now and spending more of his golden years with his owner. We felt a bit of a hole in our our family with out at least a sometimes pet. My husband is a cat person and I am a dog person so we at a bit of a road block. My husband is a saint and was getting a bit worried about me talking to his fish all day and I think he was afraid that I was actually going to knit cute little fish sweaters for them. One day this past May, I saw on the rescue Facebook page that they got a dozen bassets that needed foster homes. My husband said to fill out the application and see what happens. Well they rushed us right through and did a home visit and deemed us worthy of fostering a real live basset hound. The nice man who did our home visit ask if we would like him to bring one of his bassets along and of course we said yes. Fozzie was a spectacular specimen and he jumped right into my cat loving husbands lap. It was like he knew who he had to win over. Win him over he did. When they left my husband was covered in dog hair and had volunteered for everything under the sun. They whole family was smiling and ran to the phone every time it rang to see if it was a dog for us.

Finally after what seemed like forever we got the call. A 10 year old whose owner had passed away needed a foster home. They said to think about it for a day and let them know. I have to admit that I was on the fence about the whole senior dog thing. I mean our sometimes dog is 14 and needs to be carried up and down a lot of stairs in our house. He is 50 pounds so this is no small feat but we will gladly do it for him because we have loved him since he was 6 and he was family. All my dogs have lived very long lives and I felt like I had had older dogs forever. I was starting to feel like I was the only voice of reason in my house because everyone wanted to help dog so badly. My husband ask me why I did not want an old dog and they only reason I could come up with was a selfish one. I might want more time with the dog and if it was older there would be less time for me to spend with it. Ideally I wanted to find a middle aged dog and adopt it and then have a revolving door for another foster dog. He finally pointed out that I was a dog person and I had already told them I did not want any puppies because they were so much work. He told me I loved dogs and this dog deserved to be with a family and it needed us. All this from from my cat loving husband!

I called them back and said as long as she could do the stairs we were in. The next few days we felt like we were waiting for Santa ! To say we were a little excited would be an understatement. Finally one afternoon our wiggly butt dog arrived. We thought she would be sad since her owner had passed away but she jumped right in our lives like she had been with us forever. Within 15 minutes she had tried out every couch in the house and finally claimed the kitchen couch as her spot. She seemed so grateful to have someplace to lay her head. Over the course of the next few weeks she formed a unique relationship with each person in the house. She adores my husband more than life itself. If he even goes to the car to get something she greets him like he has been gone for hours. He loves to carry her around like a baby even though she is 50 pounds. She talks to him more than anybody in the house.

My oldest son is 17 and she has dubbed him the king of the belly-rubs. This poor boy can not even open the refrigerator without her throwing herself in front of the door before he opens it and demanding a 5 minute belly rub. He walks in the room and she flips right over. The next child is 14 and he feeds her so she loves him a lot. They have breakfast together at the table every morning and share cheerios. She likes to borrow his things and hide them under her pillow. He calls her Mrs. Joy. My daughter is 12 and Joy loves to worm her way in to her bedroom which is pretty much off limits to the rest of us. She loves to lay on the fluffy rug in there and watch the all the nail painting, and Barbie playing that goes on . She also know if she looks hard enough she will find some sort if snack that is hiding in there. The youngest boy is 10 and felt a little lost in the afternoons because for the first time he was the only one to come home in the early afternoon. Well, Joy greets him with such exuberance that now he can’t wait to get home to see her. He is thrilled that he is able to walk her by himself. She is really his dream dog and he spends a lot of time hugging her and telling her that she is the best dog ever.

When the rest of the family is around I am pretty much chopped liver, but when they are all gone during the day she is MY girl. She is great company and we even sing duets together. Singing is our thing and she won’t do it with anybody else Sometimes we go on little adventures together and sometime we clean house and cook. She is up for anything and always a great listener. We decided after a few months that she was not going anywhere and we adopted her this fall. She has helped us foster two other bassets that have since found homes and we hope to foster more since she likes the dog company. This Halloween we dressed her up as a Bumble bee and took her trick or treating with us. We went in search of the two bassets that started it all. We couldn’t wait to show them that we got our very own Basset because of them. It didn’t take long for us to find them. They were thrilled to meet us and Joy and so were their dogs. Thank you to CBHR for bringing her to us, we don’t know whatever we did with ourselves before she got here.
The Wolin-Card Family