Donors for February and March 2017

Sandra Branstiter – In honor of Packie and Abbey, our Bassets.
Debbie & Kevin Cahill – In memory of Melissa Capel & Wayne Hardy’s AnneBelle
Susan Cain – In honor of Christi Busch’s birthday
Cory Calmes – In memory of Molly Bermudez, a Basset in every wonderful way.
Ashley Clark
Fay Forman
L. Ann Gathings – In honor of Christ Busch’s birthday
Kurt & Sarah Gauger – In honor of Christi Busch’s birthday
Peggy & John Gettys
Crystal Hively – In memory of Fred Neill
Ellen Hongo
Christine Jacob
Susan McDermott – in honor of my beloved Rose
Sandy McGinnis – In honor of Forrest Gump (my bassett hound)
James Openshaw
Nicole Pullen
Heath Rigsby – Happy Birthday Monique from your loving dog Clyde
Michael Roth – In memory of Hank and Gracie
Vicki Steele – In memory of Henry Pup
Triangle United Way
Melanie & Alex Vergas – In memory of Rick Wischerath, a kind soul and amazing adoptive Dad of Phoebe
Shirley Wheeler – In honor of Christi Busch’s birthday
Robert Yerger – Happy Valentines Day Jenni