Donors for December 2017

Allison Alford – In memory of Bentley
Roger & JoAnn Amidon – In honor of Renee Bergeson
Stephanie Anaya
Susan Ash – In honor of Liz Ash
Bruce Barbaree & Craig Bland – In memory of Bloo
James Barham – In memory of Kathy Barham’s lovable little guy Roscoe.
Anne Bartee – In honor of Nevin & Joanna Ryen whose Basset Molly died last year
Elizabeth Bashore
Melissa Bloom – In honor of Carol and Riley Flannery
Fawn Brown
Charlie Bucket Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Ashley Charsha – In memory of Watson Baird
Alison & Jamie Collins
Sharon Cormier – In honor of Page and Dwayne Courtney
Myra Couch – In honor of Emmy and Jack Couch, CBHR alumni
George & Vicki Depta – For Helen’s meds, From the Depta Family (in memory of Fred Depta)
Elizabeth Ellinger
Jane Engelman
Ann & John Evans
Revis Felts – In honor of Maggie
Jackie Fipps
Dianne Fisher – In memory of Tammy, Hardy, and Barney Fisher
Brian Foster / Lowcountry Dog Magazine
Veronica & Peter Goodrich
Carol Green
Joy Guenther
Mandi Holley – In memory of Margaret Graham
Christine Jacob
Michael Jones – In honor of Liz Ash
Andrew Krupp – In memory of Willis Miles
Ron & Melissa Laxton
Debbie Malta
Sandy McGinnis – For Roscoe: Medical Care
Anne Middleton
Lee Miller – In honor of Sharon Zwain & Tim Garner
Network For Good
Connie Nichols
James Openshaw
Teri Perdue
Ara & George Radler – In honor of The Asheboro Three, Faith, Hope and Grace
Carol Range – In memory of Paul Bergschneider and Howie
Brian & Emily Reinicker – In honor of Clover
Ray & Judy Schultz
Daniel Shoemaker
Helen Smith – In memory of Emmylou
Richard Vanstrum
Susan Weaver
Diana Wilson
Faye Wilson – In memory of Our sweet Otis!
Marian Wischerath – In memory of my husband Richard