The Golden Tag Society

The Carolina Basset Hound Rescue senior folk are quite special around here. Help CBHR ensure they can live out their golden years well.

We all have a soft spot for those endearing senior hounds that find themselves in the shelters when they should be living out their golden years on a soft warm bed, with love, comfort, and lots of tummy rubs. However, we have found that many of our seniors remain with us for a very long time, if not forever. This is mainly due to their age. We never want to have to say no to a basset, to say, “I’m sorry, you are too old, no one will want to adopt you”. Please help us make sure we never have to turn away these special guys and gals.

  • Look for the golden bone-shaped tag symbol on our dogs’ pictures. This symbol indicates he or she is a long term senior and needs some ongoing financial support.
  • Decide the amount of the contribution you would like to make on a monthly basis or for the treatment of a condition.
  • You or anyone you designate (pets too) will be listed as that basset’s Golden Tag Supporter.