Basset Angel

Your contribution will help provide veterinary care and medications for one of our dogs that have come to us with significant health concerns. Many of the bassets Carolina Basset Hound Rescue saves are underweight, neglected and have serious health conditions due to their unfortunate previous circumstances.

A constant and never ending medical issue CBHR faces is heartworm disease. Thankfully, heartworm disease is treatable albeit expensive. It is CBHR’s largest veterinary expenditure. You can help a homeless basset reach a better life by becoming an Angel today!

  • Look for the veterinary symbol on our dogs’ pictures. This symbol indicates he or she needs an angel.
  • Decide the amount of the contribution you would like to make on a monthly basis or for the treatment of a condition. Heartworm disease treatment costs approximately $350.
  • You or anyone you designate (pets too) will be listed as that basset’s Angel until he or she is adopted.