Daisy Aspen Crosses the Bridge

Daisy Aspen Crosses the Bridge

Sadly, our lovely Daisy Aspen has gone to the bridge. Foster mom, Christy, was with her and will be taking Daisy’s ashes home to bury. Christy said she has a burial plot on the farm for all of her beloved animals.

Daisy had a vestibular event and at that point Christy was hoping the condition would work itself out as she had had them before. Christy got Daisy to eat some chicken, but over the last couple of days Daisy even stopped wanting that and had also stopped drinking. Daisy’s neurological deficits in her hindquarters had progressed and she was not able to stand without assistance. Both Christy and the doctor agreed it had become a quality of life issue. Doctor said she could prescribe meds for the nausea, but the neurological exam showed Daisy had no feeling in her back end and one leg and her tail were cold. It was time.

Christy gave Daisy a great life that she would not have had otherwise. All of us here at CBHR are so thankful for that.

Her foster mom writes:

Thank you all for the encouragement and kind words following the loss of our little sweet one, Daisy. I will never say or hear ups-a-daisy again without remembering her. As anyone who came across Daisy knew she needed a prop up or a leg to lean against a lot. You couldn’t get upset with Daisy because you knew she was doing the best she could. I was thrilled to see her get stronger over her time with us and be able to wander the farm and enjoy the outdoors. She loved following me around and always knew when it was time to go home and have supper. We will miss her sitting at the arena gate waiting for us to finish riding and laughing at her cause she liked to push the big bloodhound around. I’m grateful too for my awesome Nullah Grace who allowed this little gimpy granny to come in and take over HER home for the past year. I wasn’t sure it was gonna work at first but Nullah knew she needed her space and they got used to working around each other. Whew! We would have really missed out.
So I’m gonna take a lesson from Daisy’s time with us and remember we all need a prop up sometime and most people are doing the best they can. God bless you all and I wish you much happy Hounding!

Christy Cullipher