Daisy and Duke

Daisy and Duke

A couple weeks ago we had a first at Foster Dog of the Week, a pair of Bassets. You probably remember Apple and Kobe. Well, this week we have a second pair. Meet Daisy and Duke. They are 5 years old and really cute. In fact their pictures are almost on the verge of cuteness overload 🙂 Ladies first, so I will turn you over to Miss Daisy affectionately known as “Momma” in her foster home.

daisy2It is so nice to meet you all. My name is Daisy, but you can call me Momma. My foster Mom calls me Momma because the vet told her I have had a lot of puppies in my 5 year lifetime. Duke and I have been in foster care for a month and a half and boy have our lives changed. Before we got here we never even lived in a house before. We were used for puppies and nobody took very good care of us at all. Our lives were very sad and hard, but Duke always took care of me and told me it would be OK. Well he was right and here we are. This living in a house is so great! We have figured out the house breaking thing and even have a door just for us to go outside if we have to. That is pretty cool!

Speaking of cool, how about this thing called air conditioning. Duke and I think that is the best thing ever. We have learned to walk nice on a leash. I had some injuries to my front legs that were not taken care of so I am a bit of a hobbler, but I do OK on a walk if I don’t have to go really far or be in a big hurry. We really like other dogs and people and my foster Mom thinks I am just a sweet love bug. She thinks it is great that we can still trust people after all we have been through. People have been really nice to us here and we sure are glad they are taking such good care of us. We really love toys and bones to chew on and play with. We have a big crate that we share since we don’t like to be apart. We are really well behaved if you are home, but we have to go in the crate when our family goes out. We would love to find a forever family where somebody was home a lot of the time. Duke is getting inpatient because he wants a turn to talk so here he is.

dukeAs Daisy told you my name is Duke. I am so happy that these people are taking such good care of us. Especially my beloved Daisy. For years I took care of her and protected her and told her everything would be OK. We have been through a lot together and I am so happy that she is being so well taken care of now. Isn’t she beautiful? She had some work done at the vet and she is all fixed up now and there will be no more puppies. It took me a little while to stop worrying so much, but I can see that the bad times are now behind us. Life is good here and everyone has been so nice to us.

Our foster Mom has been feeding us really well and we are gaining some much needed weight. We especially love the treats that we get for just being cute. We are definitely appreciating all the things our new life has to offer us. Daisy is happy and I can relax a bit and enjoy all the bones they give us to chew on. We are looking for a home where we can stay together and enjoy the good life. Daisy went to the vet once without me and I am not ashamed to admit it, but I cried because I thought she was never coming back. We are looking forward to finding a forever home where we can just hang out and relax and not worry about anything at all except where the next belly rub is coming from and what time dinner is. Do you think your castle could use a Duke and a Duchess Daisy. We are pretty low maintenance sort of dogs. Check out more pictures of us!

August 4, 2014