cobyCoby is a purebred basset born 3/29/2014 and located outside Richmond, Virginia. He is neutered, fully vaccinated, on heartworm/flea prevention and microchipped. I have his AKC papers (did not register him). He has had insurance since he was 12 weeks old through Healthy Paws pet insurance. He has not had any health issues and is approximately 55 lbs.

He is very sweet and especially loves children. He loves to fetch and tennis balls are his favorite. He is good with adults but is scared of them when they first enter our home. He responds well to pointing (ex- go to the bathroom). He is good with cats and other dogs, but is scared of other dogs when away from home. He is crate trained.

I am looking for a home for Coby due to his barking. We live in a subdivision where the three homes around mine are all within 15 feet of my house. Coby is a very vocal guy- he barks and talks while playing and barks inside and outside for attention. My neighbors have had enough. I have consulted several trainers and even resorted to a bark collar. The trainers have been unable to help and the Coby pays no mind to the collar.

I believe some of Coby’s barking is anxiety related, so any prospective adopters will need to be aware of that. Despite taking him everywhere with me, he remains a very anxious dog when he is away from home, even if it is just for a walk. If he is in his crate and he knows someone is home or outside, he will bark continually. He is quiet in his crate at night and during the day when I am at work.

If you are interested in Coby, please contact me at