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Wash ‘n Zip Pet Beds Fundraiser

Wash ‘n Zip Pet Beds Fundraiser

The inventors of the Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed have selected CBHR as their November “Rescue Group of the Month,” which means they will be donating $5 to our group for each bed they sell through their website in the month of November! If you’d like to get one yourself and help raise funds for CBHR, you can do so at www.washnzippetbed.com and enter the discount code “CBHR” to save 10% on your purchase.

As you can see, CBHR alum Peggy Sue really liked her Wash ‘n Zip bed.

FINALLY!!! A solution to dirty, stinky dog beds! Our friends at Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed created a revolutionary new bed design unlike anything else on the market! This brief video shows how it works:


Willie and His Friends


george042215Three weeks ago our very dear five-year-old foster dog, George, got very sick very quickly. His primary veterinarian diagnosed him with diabetes, but he was so sick that he needed emergency care at the vet school in Raleigh, NC. Doctors found he not only had diabetes, but he also had very low number of the cells that make blood clot. As you can imagine this is very dangerous. The doctors did everything they could to help George, but his cells continued to diminish and he died less than 24 hours after he was admitted. We, and his foster family, were just devastated. We all know how hard it is to lose a beloved four-legged friend; it is even harder when it’s tragic and unexpected. We requested a doggie autopsy (and this service is kindly provided for free by the vet school) as George’s death was so quick and so surprising. We don’t have the results yet. Please send your condolences to the Tubbs family. They lost a beloved and cherished friend.

We spent a good deal of money doing everything we could to help George get to his new life and now need to refill the piggy bank so that we can continue to give all of our incoming and current foster bassets the great care they deserve.


willie052715Our poor Willie has had a bit of a rough time and has bounced through a few different foster homes. He’s a bit of a crusty curmudgeon, but good at heart. We sure hope we can find Willie a family who understands his needs and can help him live out his senior years in a patient and loving environment. We hate to think there is no place for this sweet man to go. Long-term boarding would not be a good option for Willie’s mental health nor for our budget. Willie isn’t fond of little children and doesn’t like his ears messed with as he has had lots of ear infections (he needs a muzzle to clean them). In general he just doesn’t like to be poked or startled if that can be helped. He does like other dogs and does like to play with them. Willie also loves attention and his humans to love on him. Willie needs someone who understands that sometimes it’s tough to be a senior hound and just because one is a curmudgeon at times doesn’t mean one doesn’t deserve love and care. Can you give this boy a soft bed and warm heart for his senior years? Please contact Susan Moschos if you can foster or adopt Willie!


Linus BumblebeeLinus is one of the new additions to our CBHR family. Linus came to us last week from the Gaston county, NC animal shelter. We he arrived the first question was, “why does he look like a bumble bee?”. It turns out the shelter taped up his face and gave him antibiotics because he had an infected lipoma that had broken open and drained. Thankfully, his lumps and bumps (he has six) are all lipomas and not cancer, but they do need to be removed with surgery. Linus, like most of our other dogs, will need heartworm treatment too. Our coffers really need refilling to help pay to get Linus and all of his foster basset friends righted and ready to go to their forever families.

Keep an eye on CBHR.com to see your donations add up to our goal!

Become a BackerCan you help us by signing up to be a basset backer and donate just $10 per month?

Donate NowHow about a one-time donation in memory of one of your beloved four-leggers or foster boy George?

Find Out MoreDo you have a matching contribution program with your employer? What a great way to make your $10 turn into $20!


Donors for August 2014

Pamela & Pieter Akkerman
Mary Ann Barnes – for Bailey
Mary Ann Barnes – for Willie
Jessica Bauer
Seth Bradley – for Bailey
Karen Brunetti – In memory of My dear friend Bev Cohen who loved Bassett hounds
Mitchell & Patricia Campbell
Susan Clark – for sick hounds
Walt Bebe Davis – In memory of Paul R. Damico Sr.
Debbie’s Dawgs – for Bailey
Debbie’s Dawgs – for Willie
Debbie’s Dawgs – for Hattie
Wendy Eastman – for Hattie
Casey & Eric Ferri – for Hattie
Casey & Eric Ferri – for Willie
Vince & Beth Firrincieli
John Ford & Dede Godycki
Margaret Franklin – for Willie
Victoria Galaspy – for Hattie
Kurt & Sarah Gauger – matching gift from employer
Josh Goldman – for Bailey
Shannon Haynes
Mike & Margaret Hicks
Elizabeth Hill – for Hattie
Ellen Hongo
Linda Howald – In honor of our basset Sadie Mae
Sean & Shelley Johnson – for Bailey
Bonnie Kuhr
Donna Mantooth – for Hattie – In memory of Jasper Calhoun
Jennifer Martin – for Bailey
Jennifer Martin – for Willie
Douglas Mastin – for Hattie
Robert H Mc Lane – for Willie
Merchants Sales Company – In memory of Terry Miller
Dennis Mooney – for Hattie
Dennis Mooney – for Willie
Dennis Mooney – for Bailey
Connie Nichols
Ann Norris – In memory of Paul Damico
Beverly (Bloch) Owens – for Bailey
Kevin Patrick & Brian Allen
Catherine Policastro – for Bailey
Carol Potter – In memory of Stella and Chelsea, basset hounds who belonged to Marcia and Spencer Morton
Nicole Pullen
Ara &George Radler – for Hattie
Michael Rankin – for Bailey
Marjorie Ratliff
Gary Riley – for Bailey
Gary Riley – for Hattie
Gary Riley – for Willie
Michael Roth – for Hattie
Jean & Roger Sankey – for Hattie
Jean& Roger Sankey – donation of airline miles
Michael Schulman & Ryan Fawcett – for Bailey
Stephani Sclesky – for Willie
Ronald Scott – for Bailey
Amanda & Danny Shadrick – for Willie
Daniel Shoemaker – for Bailey, Hattie and Willie’s vet care
Jerilyn Small – volunteer hours paid through Bank of America
Dave & Courtenay Smith – for Bailey
Jennifer & Cory Smith – for vet bills
Patricia Stemmermann – In memory of Moe
Darren Stuart & Thom Freeman – In memory of our sweet foster dog Barley and in Thanksgiving for his adoptive family, the Dancy family in Kannapolis, NC
Courtney Thurston – for Willie
Maria Tomos – for Willie
Stew & Linda Williams – for Bailey
Margaret Wood – for Hattie
Eleanor Cooper Wright – for Hattie