Referral Hounds

These bassets are available directly through their owners. These dogs are not being adopted through CBHR, and CBHR makes no guarantees on the dog’s medical conditions or temperament. CBHR does not accept returned dogs that have been adopted through the referral program.

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Referral Policy

We routinely take in two to three basset hounds per week from shelters located throughout North and South Carolina. Because there are an overwhelming number of basset hounds in danger of being euthanized at animal shelters, we must reserve our foster space for them. If you find you cannot hold onto your basset any longer please, let the shelter know of our program. At that time you may also contact us directly to let us know the shelter's location. We can't promise we can take him in at that point as we are always limited by space and needed funds, but we will do everything we can to try to help him. Additionally, if you are willing to hold onto him, we can list him on our referral website. His profile will be active for three months from the request. If you would like it extended, please contact us and ask for the listing to continue. If you would like for us to do that, please send a recent picture, details about his personality and vaccination/health history, and contact information. He, at that point, would be a private adoption between you and the interested party.