Can You Back Up a Basset?

We have a dilemma. How do we help all the bassets who have non-routine veterinary needs in addition to all the basic needs of ALL of our bassets? We hate to think of having to euthanize a basset because we cannot provide the medical care he needs. Please help us make sure we never have to do that! Become a sponsor – either a Basset Backer or a Basset Angel – someone who agrees to contribute each month to provide a reliable source of income.

Basset Backer

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All of our dogs need good, basic health care. Even if a dog does not have a medical special need, he will still need to be vaccinated, neutered, given heartworm preventative or treatment, and require flea and tick control. We need Basset Backers to help provide funds for the ongoing monthly expenses of all of our dogs; it is just that simple.

Can you donate $60? How about becoming a Basset Backer and breaking that up in monthly donations of just $5? All of those monthly $5 donations add up and it really helps us help more bassets knowing we have the funds to do so. Plus you get a fun car magnet! We have set a lofty goal of raising $2500 in monthly pledges from our Basset Backers. Keep your eye on the thermometer to see how close we are to reaching this goal.

Basset Angel

Would you prefer to donate to a specific dog in need versus our general fund? Become a Basset Angel. We have bassets in our care right now suffering from a painful ear due to trauma or abuse; chronic breathing problems from lung disease; arthritis; and cancer, just to name a few. Some of our dogs are designated as forever fosters and are considered to be in hospice care with us. We will give them quality of life while we can.

Can you fund one of these Angels on a monthly basis? When we all chip in to help fund each dog we will raise their needed amount in no time!



Boscoe needs $100 per month in combined donations. Boscoe has had some issues ever since we got him from the shelter in September 2013. He has had…

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Chester needs $150 per month in combined donations. This sweet, sweet boy most likely has diabetes insipidus. It is a condition where the kidneys…

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Stella needs $100 per month in combined donations. Special Stella is one of the grand dames of our group. This charming girl lived with a forever…

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Laura needs $100 per month in combined donations. Our lovely Laura came to us from the Columbus County, NC shelter. She had many fans on Facebook…

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Murphy Lee

Murphy Lee needs $50 per month in combined donations. Murphy Lee came to us in pretty rough shape and with a bulging eyeball from significant…

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