Basset Backers’ Goal for April: 10 New Backers

You Did It! Thank You!

backerAs you probably know, CBHR is the proud parent of nine bundles of bouncing baby bassets. Along with cute puppies, spring and summer bring an increase in intake of new bassets. A large number of dogs coming in at once really challenges our budget. We have been so fortunate all of you open your hearts and your pockets to help us help the bassets.

Our Basset Backer program has made a huge difference for us, as having steady monthly contributions means we are less likely to reach a point where we need to close intake. A monthly paycheck makes planning for the future a reality. It is also easier for you, as once you sign up, your monthly contribution is drafted automatically from your credit card. You can become a Backer for as little as $10 per month. You will have the satisfaction of helping the bassets while enjoying a few perks!

Can you help us plan for the future? Our goal for April is to acquire 10 new Basset Backers. Whether you donate $10 or $100, EVERY contribution helps!

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Goal for April: 10 New Backers